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The Pros of Getting Fruits from the Farm

Fruits are some of the best and cheapest sources of vitamins needed by the human body. As such, they are required to be part of one’s daily diet. Most people today find it convenient to buy their fruits from the supermarkets and grocery stores. This way, they can shop for their needs in one place. […]

Teaching Kids to Care for their Surroundings

The campaign on environmental preservation should cover people of all ages. Kids need to be involved in it as well to let them know their responsibility for taking care of their surroundings at a young age. Teaching kids about environmentalism or what’s often referred to as the green movement has a domino effect on the […]

Going Green in Your Laundry Room

Environmental friendliness started out as a push to reduce pollution and landfill space, but we now understand just how deep these effects can penetrate. While we may not always realize it, the way we live in our homes has a profound effect on the world outside. Energy consumption, waste products, even the cleaning products we […]

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Mom’s Special Day

Mothers are special people and they deserve our respect and love throughout their lifetime. It is just fitting then that they are treated to something memorable on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day falls on Sunday this year particularly in the U.K. and Australia. This early, many are planning for this yearly occasion to make their moms […]

Ditch the Tech Toys for Tonka Trucks

Computers, tablets, smart phones and other types of digital screens are everywhere, bombarding us and our kids on a daily basis. Well-meaning parents buy these products for their kids, load them with educational games and then encourage their kids to spend hours on them. Yet, is this what is really best for our kids? Whatever […]

How being green makes you a better dad

Many dads fail at being a  good parent. Want to know how to be a good dad? Go green. It is bound to impress your kids and it will also save the planet. Show an interest in global warming and chat to them about the environment. Kids are very environmentally conscious these days so showing […]

Creative Ways to Get Rid of Junk Mail

If you constantly receive catalogs, credit card offers, newsletters and other junk mail, by this time of the year, you have a huge pile of them. And you keep receiving them especially as the last quarter of is often the time they come in in large quantities. But you don’t have to keep them for […]

Toddlers and Green Living

There’s no such thing as too young when it comes to teaching kids to become eco-conscious. In fact, the earlier you start, the better because the habits they learn at an early age will be ingrained in them forever. As a mom with two toddlers I have been thinking of ways to ensure that my […]

Eco-Mommy Tip: Dispose of Disposable Diapers

One thing I have always been glad about being a mom today is that there are so many options that make life more convenient. From cool gadgets to online ordering, our options are endless compared to what moms had a few decades ago. When it comes to diaper options, I do have to admit that […]

Disinfecting Germs at Home with Home Made Cleaners

The night after her baby brother’s birthday party, my 6-year-old daughter came into our bedroom at around midnight saying “Mom I feel si….” and promptly projectile vomited in the middle of our doorway. The next 24 hours were awful, she couldn’t hold anything down, had a fever, and felt absolutely terrible. Classic symptoms of gastroenteritis. […]




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