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Green underwear for men suffering from infertility

Are you a man struggling with infertility? Then a new green product going by the name of Snowballs may interest you. Snowballs is “cooling” male underwear designed to help men with problem sperm. One of the main reasons for male infertility is poor lazy sperm and one of the biggest causes of lazy sperm is […]

Why Going Green Could Earn You Big Money

There are many benefits of living an eco-friendly life, the most important of which, is the positive impact that it has on the Earth. However, what some people don’t realize, is the enormous personal benefit that going green can have. Sure, you are reducing your carbon footprint, but did you know that you are also […]

Habits to Avoid to Keep Contact Lens in Good Shape

The eyes are the windows of the soul and this being the case, it is every individual’s responsibility to take care of his or her eyes. Unfortunately, people forget the good habits and some end up having vision issues as they grow old. In the U.S. alone, there are currently 36 million people who are […]




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