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Feeding Your Pets Natural and Organic Foods

Remember that awful pet food poisoning scare a couple of years ago? Luckily, none of our pets (5 dogs, 7 cats) were victims of the poisoning, but many people I knew lost their beloved pets because of it. One good thing to come of the tragedy though, was that organic and natural pet food sales […]

Eco Balls: Save The Earth and Money While Doing Laundry?

One of the most interesting home products I’ve found on the market today are Eco Balls (also called Washballs or Aquaballs). If you have a large family like mine, the amount of laundry soap and energy used by the washing machine is pretty huge, and obviously not good for the environment, as well as our […]

Soap and Water vs Antibacterial Gels

One of the mantras in my household is “Wash your hands please”. When the kids get home from school, before mealtimes, before cooking, after playing, after touching the pets and so on. But when you’re out of the house, using water and soap obviously isn’t the most convenient thing. And the solution a lot of […]

Know What’s In Your Bodycare Products

I love bodycare products and actually thought I was safe buying seemingly organic or natural brands available at my local shops. Not so, according to Organicgal’s List of Fakies and Non-fakies. Well, I did report on the carcinogens found in kid’s bath products, so this isn’t really isn’t a surprise. My hat goes off to […]

Carcinogens Found In Kids Bath Products

In the news again were some chilling findings that a slew of everyday bath products made for kids had dangerous levels of carcinogens. Like any Mother, my reaction is deep resentment and anger for these big companies that let things like this happen for years, and how lethal ingredients like formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane is found […]

The Paper House: Cheap, Instant and Eco-friendly Housing

With housing prices slumping all over the world, Gerd Niemoeller’s invention, The Universal World House, couldn’t have come at a better time. Primarily designed for refugees and migrants in the third world, the prototype costs just $5,000 for 36 sq.m, weighs a mere 800 kilos and can be set up virtually anywhere. Gerd Niemöller said […]

Protection Against Cellphone Radiation

For years, my spouse, an anti-technology dinosaur, has been preaching the danger of cellphones. He’s always owned one though (pre-paid), rather begrudgingly, never turning it on unless absolutely necessary, much to my annoyance. Well, the other day he told me it was time I did some research on the dangers of cellphones and do a […]

Global Warming 101

Ok, we’ve all heard of the term Global Warming. But do we really understand what it means? Global warming or climate change means that the Earth is being affected by the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere largely because of man, industry and globalization. Think of the carbon like a thick wooly blanket that […]

Holy Wisdom Monastery: Living Green On Earth

They say that heaven is a place on Earth, and for the sisters of the Holy Wisdom Monastery, this might just be true! What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word monastery? I am sure that each one of us will have a different answer, but in all probability, […]

Is The Edge Going Over The Edge?

I don’t know if you’ve heard about it yet, but California environment activities are all up in arms about a project that U2 guitarist The Edge is planning on undertaking. The short version of the story is that he wants to build five – not one, but five – eco-friendly houses on top of a […]




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