What Is Green Furniture?

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    plants-furniture-peddyEver heard of green furniture? This is actually the trend in interior decoration these days. People who are conscious of the environment and how their lifestyles affect it are looking into more ways to do their part in its conservation. In decorating the house, you can actually find green furniture that will bring beauty as well as function, and by green, I definitely do not mean the color.

    So what is green furniture? This kind of furniture has at least one of the following characteristics.

    Sustainable – green furniture should be made from raw materials that come sustainable sources. These include man-made forests that are reforested regularly so as not to strip the natural resources.

    Recycled – some furniture can be made from recycled materials such as plastics and metals. Instead of using newly made materials, recycled materials will lessen the strain on the environment and usually come cheaply as well.

    Low toxicity – you might not know it but some products have high levels of toxic materials. Green furniture, on the other hand, is made of materials that have low levels of toxic elements.

    Durable – green furniture should last you a long time. This implies that you will be using your furniture for at least a year (or even more!). Naturally, this means that you will not be buying new furniture as often. Another point is that repair should always be an option.

    Local – green furniture is produced locally. Shipping over long distances increases the carbon footprint of products. If your furniture is produced or obtained locally, the carbon footprint is decreased.

    The next time you buy furniture, you might want to consider these things.

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