Why You Should Create Your Own Vegetable Garden at Home

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    Vegetables are always best eaten fresh. What could be fresher than vegetables picked from your own garden at home? With reasonable effort and time, it is very possible to create your own vegetable garden at home and gain the advantage of eating the freshest produce.


    Start a Vegetable Garden at Home

    One thing good about starting your own vegetable garden at home is that no one can tell you that you cannot. The creation of a vegetable garden can be adjusted according to the physical environment, the available space at home, and the available time of owners for taking care of the garden. It is always recommended especially for first-timers to start small so that every gardening phase is manageable.

    It is important to determine what specific variants grow well in your area. This way, the success rate is higher and can be very encouraging for trying on more difficult-to-grow vegetables in the future. Vegetables basically need full sun, sufficient water, and good soil to grow well.

    Start Vegetable Seedlings

    To ensure better success in growing vegetables, it is recommended to grow seedlings in smaller containers before they are transferred to garden beds. The traditional way was to use potting containers filled with potting soil, only called as such but technically not soil. The usual composition of potting soil includes peat, composted bark, sand, perlite, and recycled mushroom compost.

    A better method however is provided through the use of a soil block maker. A soil block maker is an implement or tool that helps gardeners do away with the use of peat pots  or peat pellets. Also referred to as a soil blocker, this tool shapes and ejects cubes of compressed potting mixture with an indentation at the center where the seeds are supposed to be planted. Home gardeners can use commercially available potting mixture but have a better option in using their own compost-based soil mix. Soil blocks are much gentler on plants as no root shock occurs during transplanting time. This then ensures the continued growth of the plant in a bigger space.

    Why Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

    The main reason which is the access to the freshest produce you can get your hands on has been mentioned from the start. There are however other benefits which can be derived from having your own vegetable garden. One is that gardening encourages a healthier lifestyle since it encourages people to move while enjoying themselves. Gardening is also mentally therapeutic. In having a vegetable garden at home, people are ensured of healthy eating and lifestyle.

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